A Simple Fall Cardigan


“Sweatah Weathahhh!” I can almost hear it now! I love fall (who doesn’t, right?) and one of the greatest things about chilly weather is being able to don a fashionable, but comfortable, cardigan. I whipped this one up of the course of about a month, and after much undo-ing and redo-ing and cursing and contemplating why I do this to myself, I finally nailed the pattern and the product. I currently have one en-route to a customer in Illinois and have another one queued up for this next week.

For those who are interested in purchasing the pattern (fellow hookers, I’m talking to you!!) You can check it out in my ravelry shop here. I will also list it under my patterns page. Conversely, you can grab this sweater with not work involved from my Facebook shop, linked at the bottom of this page.

So tell me yarn-workers, what are you working on this fall?

Happy Hooking!


A Little Fast Forward Action

Isn’t is a great feeling to see a project come together? Here’s a short timelapse video of another tank top I am working on. In crochet, this stitch is called a pineapple stitch. It’s a basic concept consisting of stacked chains and shells which after several rows, forms a pineapple shape. You can view this video on my YouTube channel (still in it’s infancy). It’s fun to work on, and I am pleasantly pleased with the end result. I am very close to finishing this top (pics to come later this week). Be sure to watch and subscribe here. 

Happy Hooking!



Summer Goals: Make Tons of Tank Tops!


It’s summer time! That means days and days of 100+ degree weather in in Austin, Texas. I’ve made it my mission to forgo my usual wifebeater/swimsuit combo, and reach for something more classy. Since I’m pretty picky (with a long torso) I have always found it difficult to find tops that fit me as I like. I need it to be a little on the long side, and in the summer, breathable materials is a must!

So I decided I was going to make this summer all about tank tops. I finished this fun piece early last week. Just today I posted this pattern on Ravelry. If you’d like to try the pattern out for yourself, you can download it here.  You can also find it on my crochet patterns page. I’ve already got my next project on the hook & can’t wait to show you guys!

-Have a wonderful week!

Welcome, welcome!

Hey good lookin’! Well I decided to take the dive into the blog world, exciting isn’t it? To be completely honest, I created this site about a month ago and just now got around to doing something with it. I wake up every morning with approximately 60+ things I want to accomplish, but I usually only get about 5 of those things done. Hey, it’s a marathon and not a race, right?

Well, time to get to it. The reason I created this blog was because I assumed it would give me some form of organization in my otherwise hectic life. (Children are no joke, you guys). I am currently building 2 businesses under my name. The first one (which is the main focus of this blog) is called Stitched Up Austin. In a nutshell, I make and sell crocheted items. Currently I’m a jack of all crochet trades, but am narrowing it down to a smaller niche. Everything takes time!

The other business I’m pursing is as a presenter for Younique makeup. While I admit, it doesn’t fulfill my soul as much a crochet, it is still a fairly decent side business. I’m looking forward to sharing all things business with you guys, and rejoicing together as we all reach our goals. I forever will be a supporter of home-based businesses. I believe the world needs more entrepreneurs. So give it all you got, I am right there behind you, cheering you on!