Welcome, welcome!

Hey good lookin’! Well I decided to take the dive into the blog world, exciting isn’t it? To be completely honest, I created this site about a month ago and just now got around to doing something with it. I wake up every morning with approximately 60+ things I want to accomplish, but I usually only get about 5 of those things done. Hey, it’s a marathon and not a race, right?

Well, time to get to it. The reason I created this blog was because I assumed it would give me some form of organization in my otherwise hectic life. (Children are no joke, you guys). I am currently building 2 businesses under my name. The first one (which is the main focus of this blog) is called Stitched Up Austin. In a nutshell, I make and sell crocheted items. Currently I’m a jack of all crochet trades, but am narrowing it down to a smaller niche. Everything takes time!

The other business I’m pursing is as a presenter for Younique makeup. While I admit, it doesn’t fulfill my soul as much a crochet, it is still a fairly decent side business. I’m looking forward to sharing all things business with you guys, and rejoicing together as we all reach our goals. I forever will be a supporter of home-based businesses. I believe the world needs more entrepreneurs. So give it all you got, I am right there behind you, cheering you on!


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